Studying as a music major can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. I’ve found that the easiest way to succeed is by tying in my passion for music to help motivate me to study other, different music. If you’ve hit a studying roadblock, consider these study moods to help refresh yourself – try your favorites, or use a different one every day of the week!
  • The Musical-Lover:
    • Ingredients: Your favorite fizzy drink, Golden Age musicals, writing papers on a balcony somewhere.
      • I don’t know about you, but Golden Age musicals make be feel like wearing a top hat, white tie, and tails. Celebrate that mood and feel classy while writing that essay!
  • The Rap Artist:
    • Ingredients: Cola, Nicki Minaj,  writing mnemonics in the student union.
      • What better to inspire clever wordings for your biology mnemonics than listening to the best modern rapper spit her own words? Nothing, that’s what.
  • The Rock’n’Roller:
    • Ingredients: Rockstar (duh), The Rolling Stones and Joan Jett, finishing projects in the lounge the night before they’re due.
      • You push life to the limit. You played hard, now you’re working hard. You may feel a little trashed in the morning. You are… The P(ROCK)ject Star.
  • The Bandstand: 
    • Ingredients: Lemonade, big band music, studying note cards on the quad.
      • Just because it’s not the Fourth of July doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re off to the races. See how quickly you can get through a deck of note cards 100% correctly, and let Duke Ellington’s band cheer you on.
  • The Dubstepper:
    • Ingredients: Mountain Dew, dubstep, highlighting and rewriting your notes late at night.
      • Let caffeine and the beat help you focus on those pretty colors and understanding what you’re rewriting.
  • The History Nerd:
    • Ingredients: Earl Grey, your Music History required listening tracks, making history timelines in a grand hall somewhere.
      • Hey, you have to listen to these tracks anyway, right? You might as well listen to them to help set the mood for Historical Studying.
  • The Guilty Pleasure:
    • Ingredients: Your favorite drink, your favorite music, working on your second-to-least favorite class.
      • You have to work on this stuff eventually. This way, you’re getting some homework you want to avoid done with, and getting a bit of a treat as well.

Don’t stress about doing exactly these – they’re suggestions! Mix and match at your leisure.

Go forth and study!


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