holiday study mood

Winter finals are soon, as are the holidays! Combine the best of both worlds and use some holiday study moods to get you ready for everything.

Pine-Scented Pals: Earl Grey, Leslie Odom Jr’s Christmas album, writing essays with your best friend.

  • Fa la la la friendship! You can motivate each other!

Solstice Scenester: Your favorite Starbucks holiday drink, sitting on that comfy velvet couch every Starbucks has, reading the most impressive looking textbooks you have.

  • Gosh, you’re looking sharp. Impress everyone who sees you with how studious you are. Just make sure you actually read the book!

Merry Master’s: Black coffee with a crushed peppermint, listening to classic carols (through your headphones!) in the dustiest, quietest part of the library, writing your eighth paper this week.

  • It’s festive if you’re listening to Christmas music, not sad.

Winter Weirdo: Christmas Mass service music from the 1200’s, mulled cider, figuring out mnemonics so you don’t need any of this “paper” nonsense to remember stuff for finals.

  • Do like they did centuries ago, and figure out how you’d use the oral tradition to pass down your new knowledge.

New Year Nerd: Pump-up music, drinking something fizzy, working late at night on a project due next week.

  • Harness the power of New Year’s Eve in early December. Use all that pump-up energy to Final-Countdown your way to completion.

Hall-Decking Dork: Whatever holiday music makes you sing along, hot chocolate, while reviewing flashcards in the awesome, decorated space of your choice.

  • Bop along while getting those facts in your brain. Then, when you have those songs stuck in your head later, you’ll hopefully have the flashcard knowledge as well.

Grinch: Mountain Dew, AC/DC, revising your notes exactly like you have all semester, without any of this holiday nonsense.

  • Hey, you do you. If you’ve found something that works, just keep trucking along and ignore the stupid holidays altogether.

You got this!

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