How to Practice in Spite of Yourself: Discipline

discipline effort sweeping man

Sometimes, we just DON’T WANNA. For example, sometimes you spend two hours cleaning windows, after four hours of a manual labor job and three of intense Career Building stuff, and you remember you need to write a blog post today, and you Don’t Wanna. A prime indicator of Adultiness in the mentally healthy person is how well they can buckle down, exert some discipline, and do the stuff they Don’t…

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How to Practice During the Summer

practice summer music

I have a Patreon! Over the summer, it can be difficult to maintain your practice routine. With the sudden lack of structure, the work hours that are all over the place, and the disappearance of your practice room, you might find it near impossible to actually get yourself to do anything. That’s normal. Heck, I find it hard to make myself write during the summer, and writing is a lot…

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How to Tour a School

The following article is taken verbatim from my book, How to Music Major: Surviving the College Search! It’s on Amazon and all other places ebooks are sold. There’s lots of stuff in it, drawing on my own experience and my friends’ knowledge of getting into and succeeding at the whole College Dealio. If you have topics that you’d like to see included in the next book, What to Expect Freshman…

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How to Help Others

So the election happened, and a lot of people I know are currently, actively scared about how things are going to go for the next four years. The good thing is that there aren’t a lot of people in the top government who actually like Trump! Plus, you know, Clinton won the popular vote! So overall, the world might not be as bad as it seems. However, it’s probably not…

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How to Handle Impostor Syndrome

“I’m not as good as my classmates.” “I have no talent.” “I don’t deserve this.” “I’m never going to succeed.” “If people knew how bad I really am, they’d laugh at me.” All of these great comments, and more, brought to you courtesy of Impostor Syndrome! The insecurities-recommended way to talk yourself out of a career in music! Try it today!   Impostor Syndrome is, to put it in scientific…

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