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Teaching philosophy

“I believe that all students can be enriched by a deeper understanding of music. This knowledge can help students to better understand themselves, as singing is a very personal subject. By using a personalized style of teaching for each student, I provide every student with a solid foundation upon which to build their own skills and accomplishments. Once they have been provided this base, I believe it is the opportunity and responsibility of the student to aid in their own growth, through practice and effort. I believe in providing an understanding and encouraging environment for students to work through this process of self-exploration. By holding standards high, but within reach, students are enabled to achieve things they may not have though possible.”

Teacher Responsibilities

Ms. Hass will teach every student how to improve their use of their voice. She will do so by instilling a grasp of the fundamentals of voice, before moving on to skill- and age-appropriate art songs. She will maintain an upbeat and engaging studio environment, where students can feel free to learn.

Student & Family Responsibilities

  • Students should come to lessons prepared to learn, with all required materials.
  • Students are expected to practice appropriately: this can vary according to the student, but it means that they have practiced enough to achieve the goals set out in lessons, while not stressing their voice. Regular practice habits help much more than cramming.
  • Students should have access to a keyboard instrument, in order to help them practice.
  • Tuition is due at the start of each month.
  • If lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled, the student is expected to give notice in a timely manner – one day is required for rescheduling.


Tuition is charged by the month, and is due at the first lesson of the month. The hourly rate is thirty dollars ($30/hr). This means that at the first lesson of the month, payment is due for the entire month at that rate. For example, a half-hour lesson slot would cost $15, multiplied by four lessons a month on average, resulting in a $60 dollar check due at the first lesson of the month. This policy is in place in order to allow students to reserve their lesson slot for the coming month.

Lesson costs do not just cover the time spent in lessons – they also cover lesson preparation and continuing education.

This includes:

  • Plans of study for each student
  • Bi-annual written progress reports for each student
  • Creation and acquisition of teaching materials
  • Membership to professional organizations

Required Materials

Students will be expected to buy a lesson notebook (composition style preferred), their own sheet music, as well as one or two exercise books a semester. Usually this is less than $40 every three months.

Cancellation Policy

  • Lessons cancelled by the student at least one day (24 hours) in advance may be rescheduled. However, after that deadline, lessons may not be rescheduled or refunded. This includes lessons where the student did not show up.
  • Lessons cancelled by Ms. Hass will be either rescheduled or refunded, according to the student’s preference.

Contact and Location

For inquiries about lessons, coachings, or bookings for services please contact Gabrielle Hass by email.