How to Practice Music Around Finals

practice music around finals

The problem with finals week is that everything is suddenly due at once. The project is due the same week as the big test is due the same day as the massive paper is due the day before your jury. For the average music major, this piles stress on top of stress, because somehow you have to know all these composers from 600 years of music history, AND have the…

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Nine Ways to Network with Professors

network professor student

It turns out that music faculty, in general, can be kind of intimidating. Who knew? Certainly not the flute professor who wears all black and is permanently scowling. However, one of the most important things you can do for your music career, both right now and in the future, is to be A) recognizable to your professors, B) liked by your professors, and hopefully C) trusted by your professors. In…

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Self Care Musts for Musicians

self care sheet music with hand

 It’s getting to be recital season, jury season, finals season. It’s getting to be near the end of the semester, when all those things that seemed SO far AWAY and unlikely to ever actually happen are suddenly less than a month away. That is TERRIFYING for a lot of people, I know. For musicians it can mean (combined with that musician-y trait of perfectionism) spending too much time practicing, too…

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