4 Steps to Advocate for Yourself

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Unless your entire school has fewer than a thousand students, it can be really easy to fall through the cracks. For example, I am one of maaaaybe 80 music grad students at my current institution. I got all my documentation in two days early. They still have not enrolled me in an important seminar, now two weeks later. The only way to get this resolved requires me to be my…

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Seven Common Musician Complaints and How Not to Have Them

Musicians complain. A lot. If you’re a musician, and have complaints, I’ve developed a little FAC (Frequently Answered Complaints) for you to refer to when times get tough. Here’s seven common complaints musicians have, and how to stop having them! Practice sucks/is hard. Schedule it, make it a habit, and don’t push yourself too hard. The fewer decisions you have to make to get to the practice room, the simpler…

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